SPICY DOG'N GO will be your next favorite food trailer. 


Spicy Dog'n Go aims to provide Houstonians with Asian American inspired hot dogs. Houston is one of the most diverse cities in America and is widely recognized as the "The Melting Pot", which is why it's time for us to bring the melting pot to traditional hot dogs.




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Oh Peou, Human resource development senior at University of Houston, started out in the food industry when his parents took him to municipal buildings in Philadelphia to be a translator for them when were processing legal papers to open their family’s smoothie and fruit salads truck. Oh Peou moved to Houston for his undergraduate studies. Oh has worked in many restaurants and cafes throughout his stay here in Houston and fell in love with the city. Oh has a passion for organizational design and building a better work space for restaurant employees. So he decided to pursue his passion with Spicy Dog’n Go.


Bop Huynh, Hotel Restaurant Management senior at University of Houston, started out in the food industry as a server. Bop migrated from the Philippines to Houston when he was 13 years old. Bop served at Kubo’s Sushi Bar & Grill, Crawfish Cafe, Mein, and Azuma Sushi Downtown. Bop has experienced home cooking for his families and friends since he was a teenager. Bop has always been a food enthusiast and an impeccable server. It’s until recently (2017) that Bop decided to bring his years of experiences with customer services and home cooking to his own mobile restaurant, Spicy Dog’n Go.